More from America – Paper Tapes

A few weeks ago I was delighted to receive an e-mail advising me I had won a crafty prize draw. The prize – some paper tapes! Not really having any idea what these were I was excited to see them and get crafting.

The prize arrived a few days later and I was surprised to see, not 1 roll, but 16! 4 rolls in each of 4 colour sets – red, blue, green and yellow. They are called Washi tapes and are a little like masking tape in that they are a sticky paper tape. Each tape has a pattern. What could I use them for?

With the current trend for bunting being high on my list of enjoyments at the moment, these tapes could not have arrived at a better time. I went bunting mad!

I have been trying to locate a supplier of these tapes in the UK, unsuccessfully, for some time. Until this week! I received an e-mail from to say that Washi tapes are now here in the UK! Hoorah. And the colour options are lovely. Some really subtle patterns. I shall be placing an order very soon.

Happy crafting x