New Knitted Line…..

I finished knitting the rainbow hat I was asked to make for a work colleague. She’s going to a rainbow themed party in London next week!

It’s a fairly simple pattern, and mostly plain stocking stitch, but I think the rainbow stripes work well! You couldn’t fail to see the wearer coming that’s for sure!

I like the versatility, it can be worn in a number of ways (as above). My daughter loves it and having passed it over to its new owner, there were a number of complementary comments too. So I’m now thinking maybe I should make some more. I have had an idea on the way home about making a Christmas Tree one.

When I’ve completed my orders and the raffle prizes I’m donating to a couple of local charity events, I think I shall have a go at the Christmas Tree. Watch this space! And have a browse of my knitted gallery while you wait!!

Happy crafting