Craftseller – Issue 19

Today I rushed to buy the latest issue of Craftseller Magazine, one of my key sources of inspiration and confidence to start this website and blog.  I had a quick flick through over dinner, as I do, before settling down for a thorough read, and what do I see on page 14/15?


” I would like to share with you some of my makes.  I love the magazine and after reading some recent issues, I’ve taken the plunge and launched a website.  In addition I have my first craft fair soon, in a local church hall.  I’m pretty nervous as most of my sales so far have been to friends, family and work colleagues.  Have you got any advice about what insurance I need?

Katherine Brooks 

EDITOR Congratulations on taking a big step! We love your website.”

I sent the question in on their facebook page a couple of months ago and had forgotten all about it, other than I knew that they were running an article about insurance in this issue.  I was so surprised and thrilled to see the number of cards they had picked from the site to put into the page. 

They’ve made some lovely comments about the site and my cards, and picked a selection of different styles.  It’s quite a large section of the letters page and this level of exposure in a national magazine is a real boost.

Merry Christmas


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