Crafty Commuting

Whilst sitting on the bus, stuck in snow on the way to work yesterday, I started thinking about how much time I was wasting. Just sat. Doing nothing (except thinking of course). Not having invested in a smart phone or tablet, I was unable to fully explore my crafty thoughts. So I set to work (mentally) blogging and making a ‘to do list’.

Predictably, by the time I’d arrived at work, I’d forgotten everything! However, I resolved to have a pad and pen in my handbag at all times! Just in case I have a brainwave or I get stuck in the snow on the bus again!


Now the tram is different, I don’t feel I waste my commuting time there. Once on the tram I have 45 minutes to blissfully update myself with whatever reading material I have available. This week it’s been the latest issue of Craftseller magazine and its’ freebie ‘Start up Guide’. I have found inspiration and advice which is helping me pursue setting up in business, as well as great ideas of products to make. My only problem now is finding the time to do all the necessary research and to learn and make all the projects!!

I think my main learning from my reading this week is to focus my products and try not to have too many ideas running through my head, not getting anywhere. So I shall take that pen and paper and write down all my ideas. If I don’t get round to them for a while, then at least I’ve got them stored for the future!

Commuting doesn’t have to be wasted time. I just need to find crafty ways to fill the time!

Typically I had to stand up all the way home today so I was unable to do any reading let alone writing of ideas!

Happy crafty commuting