Essential Maintenance

I’m currently working on updating my website.  You may have noticed there are several ‘under construction’ comments on pages at the moment.  It’s come as a result of my 6 month review over Christmas and New Year. 

I sent all of my customers a short questionnaire about their purchase looking at quality, value for money and customer service, and then asked for views of the website (whether or not they had used it to make their purchase).

It was a very positive experience reading through all of the responses, several of which you can see on the testimonials page.  Getting different perspectives on the site is vital if this venture is to be successful. It’s also fun and interesting to see what people find important and what I can do to improve the site features and their experiences when using the site.

I’ve already made a few minor changes – moving the ‘for sale’ gallery to the top of this gallery list and making it a more obvious link.  I’m also adding some captions to card pictures where I can.  I’ve updated my links page too.  The major change is to the ‘for sale’ gallery layout, so keep watching and let me know what you think of the new format.

Thanks go to everyone that responded to my feedback request.  If you have any other comments, please feel free to let me know.

Happy crafting