Learning to Crochet

Last weekend I finally found a couple of hours with little on the tv and no particular project to do.  So I hunted out my newly purchased crochet hook – bought for the princely sum of £1 from the Wool Stall on Bury Market.

Having watched the beginners crochet show on Create and Craft and read loads of advice, I was hoping to get a 4mm hook.  Alas I have been unable to find one, so I got a 3.5mm hook instead.  It’ll have to do for now!

I then had a root through my huge bag of yarn and plumped for a multi-colour dk yarn – very cheerful!  Out came my ‘learn to crochet’ book and my memory of the shows I’d recently seen on tv.

As a reasonably experienced knitter and with all the advice I’d had, I thought it would be intuitive, but I’ve found holding the hook quite difficult.  I started on the chain stitch.  It took a few efforts before I was happy with the appearance.  It’s true that having tight stitches makes it harder to thread the hook through, but finding a happy medium between too tight and too loose is proving frustrating.  For some reason the book moves striaght from the chain into treble crochet stitches, which seems strange to me as a novice – maybe it will all become clear later! Trying to understand where the put the hook through was interesting!!

I managed about an hour or so of stitching in all and had a small piece of crochet fabric to show for it.  (3 rows and 1 chain).  Next stop casting off – is it even called that in crochet and is it really as simple as threading the end of the yarn through the last loop?

First Crochet Square

Since then I’ve managed a few spare moments to keep practicing.  I took it to work on Wednesday and managed another couple of rows over lunch. And after an hour on Thursday I had a square of treble crochet!! What do you think?

And I now have a project in mind for my practice rows – 80s style bracelets for the 80s themed party I’m going to next weekend!  Bring on the New Romantic vibe – I have my outfit planned and I may even post a pic if it works out!!

Pink Crochet Flower and Black Bacelet

Happy crafting

Kath  x