Less than two weeks since I left work and yesterday, I found myself back on the tram to Manchester! No, I haven’t had second thoughts about leaving and I didn’t go to grovel to HR! I went for a night out in the big city – another ex-colleague leaving do!

As I trundled along, I realised how much I actually miss the dedicated time to let my mind wander. It’s nice to have nothing to do other than muse over the day / last couple of weeks and jot down my thoughts.

I love being at home, pottering about the house and garden, updating my website and facebook page and being able to craft. But I think I’m going to have to find some time each week, out of the house, to ponder, reflect and come up with ideas.

So my next task is to find somewhere close to home (I have to factor nursery hours in) with a relaxed yet creative atmosphere! Hmmmmmm…………….Any ideas?

Happy crafting