Reflections on leaving work

I’m sitting on the tram with my thoughts for company (I’ve finished the current issue of Craftseller), at the end of my penultimate week of permanent employment.  The sun is out, the sky is…. well ok it’s grey, and it’s cold!

How do I feel about this huge lifestyle change that I’m embarking on?  I’m both excited about the prospect of being able to spend more time crafting and being a Mum, but I’m also apprehensive.  This will be the first time in over 20 years that I haven’t had a ‘job’ to go to.  It’s quite a scary thought!

I have so many ides to fill my time though that I’m sure I won’t struggle, in fact I don’t think I’ll have anywhere near enough time to do everything I’d like to.

Today will be a busy day, it’s my last real opportunity to finish off and tie-up loose ends.  I expect to spend the day writing up two end-of-year project reports, answering a few e-mails, contacting HR and clearing out what’s left in my locker (not much).  I’ve been booked by a colleague to help put together a ‘top tip’ leaflet this afternoon, a last effort to try and get any knowledge from my weary brain!

Amongst the legal letters and project reports, will be a lot of friendly chat as usual.  The main topic will probably be about weddings, as my colleague Sue is making the cake and cupcakes for the wedding of the year this weekend.  She makes the most fabulous cakes and the wedding is a vintage lacy theme. I made the card for the happy couple from the Brides’ parents. I can’t wait to see the pictures from the big day.

Personalised Wedding Card

Personalised Wedding Card

I’m feeling a little calmer about today now.  Hopefully I can get out in to Manchester centre to do a little bit of shopping over lunch time.  I have a few small gifts for friends that I need to buy and wrap, and I’d rather leave them at work than have to run the risk of forgetting them next week.

It all seems very final suddenly, only 5 more tram journeys, so I’ll be blogging in the house from then on.  I’ve enjoyed my journeys to work, they’re a great chance to catch up on reading and to jot down thoughts and ideas.  I shall just have to go out for a brew every so often and find an inspiring environment to pen my ramblings in future!

Happy crafting