Spring has sprung

Spring has finally arrived and we have a dry and sunny day!  So, after a much needed lie-in, a bit of garden tidying and lunch outside (!) it’s been a trip to the park for us.  A chance for little one to burn off some pent-up energy and for me to have a relaxing chill out in the sun.

We’re very lucky here in Bury as we have the use of some fabulous parks.  Our largest local park is Clarence Park, about a mile away, with plenty of facilities – playgrounds for toddlers and older children, lido, and loads of open space to run around or just sit and have a picnic.



Today I thought the walk and being out in the fresh air might give me some ideas and inspiration.  Alas, I was disappointed, as the recent freezing temperatures has meant there are very few flowers out in the area at all.  I’m quite upset at the lack of daffodils and crocuses basking in the Spring sunshine.  However, with the playground full of children, there were lots of bright colours flying around and I have visions of swirling patterns of bright primary colours. The thoughts of chalks on paper and inks in water have been filling my head ever since!


I was also struck by the number and kinds of dogs out with their owners.  I’ve been thinking about doing something more with my knitted cats, maybe working on some cats to look a little like my own pet cats, but I’m now thinking about adapting the pattern to make some dogs too – floppy ears? 

Knitted cats

Knitted cats

I’m currently making a new cat and a pair of matching bootees – pink and yellow!  

I hope you’ve enjoyed some sunshine and the eventual arrival of Spring!  I’m hoping that our seeds will start to germinate soon and I think I might have a trip to the garden centre for some primulas to brighten up the garden!


Happy crafting