A First Scrapbook

This week I’ve been crafting with my daughter again. She (and I) were inspired by Mr Bloom on Cbeebies to make a scrapbook to help her remember some good times and adventures. So we set to work, raiding our craft stashes for paper, pens, stickers, glue, card and sparkly bits! Then we sat down with the computer to look through all the photos from this year so far – at least an hour spent on this!

Having printed out a number of photos, we set to w0rk making a cover and putting together a few pages. It was geat fun covering ourselves (and the living room) in papers and stickers.


The embossing boards are really great to use with kids. Durable with fun shapes.

By the end of the week we had a cover and three pages – Christmas, 4th Birthday and a drawing of Peppa Pig! And she’s keen to do some more pages for Easter, Birthday Party and Red Nose Day. We’re also going to take some pages on holiday and make some beach pages!

A great rainy day activity and we have something to keep and add to forever!

Happy crafting