Bury Agricultural Show

Yesterday was the 70th annual Bury Agricultural Show at Burrs Country Park.  We were lucky with the weather this year too, a lovely day, not too hot and no rain!

It was an early start for us as I entered some of the craft classes for the first time.  Needless to say I spent most of Saturday night in a panic.  We set off for the 20 minute walk cross-country to the showground, managing it in 16 minutes!!

Entering Bury Show Craft Classes

I entered four classes in the arts and craft section of the show.  A knitted cat and a little crochet pocket bag in the knitted and crochet class, a watercolour painting in the painting class, a card in the handmade greetings card class and a flower brooch in the ‘any other’ class.  I was pleased with all my entries, although simple in design I felt they showed good technique well executed.

Entries for the knitting and crochet class

There were lots of entries in the all the classes and I was surprised by the quality and complexity of the pieces.  How the judges came to a decision in some of the classes I do not know.  There was such a difference in the entries.

After a couple of hours around the show, watching some amazing model aircraft and birds of prey, I headed back to the craft tent to see how I got on.  I came out with 2 third prizes, for my painting and my card.  Not bad for a first effort.  Unfortunately there was no feedback on from the judges and they had vanished by the time I arrived.  Having looked at the prize winners, in would appear the patchwork and applique are what the judges were looking for.

Third Prize for Handmade card

Third Prize fo

I chatted with some of the other entrants and stewards and put some suggestions in for the next show, in order to help those crafters that don’t sew!  Later in the day I spoke to one of the organisers who asked me if I would like to join the organising committee for next year!


So all-in-all it was a good day.  I learned a lot about pieces to enter into the show for next year.  I came away with a couple of prizes and some potential input for the show in 2014!

Now back to 2013 and crafting for the Summer Fair at the Valley on Saturday!

Happy crafting