Relaxing in the Sun!

For the first time in ages , I have the opportunity to blog while my daughter does some semi-organised games outside!  We’ve had a trip in to Bury and done some crafting at the Fusiliers museum. today it’s been making a Minden Rose in the Gallipolo Gardens.  It’s a lovely idea, unfortunately the volunteers did most of the flower making, it would have been nice if they let the children be a little more hands on, but we do have another idea for making at  home.  Anyone know where I can get some paper straws?

After the flower making, it was photo time and now it’s playtime!  Lots of games – skittles, croquet, hula hoops, hop-scotch and giant Jenga!  The best thing is we can be outside playing and crafting.  There are loads of children, great for swelling the museum donations buckets, I only wish I’d brought some crochet with me.  I really wasn’t expecting to have this opportunity to sit and relax.

Face painting next.  This is a must for my daughter she absolutely loves it, we’re having a rainbow with stars today!  Then we’re off to the library and art gallery to see what exciting treasures we can find!

I think we’ll be back for the craft session again next week too!

Happy Summer crafting x