My daughter has recently enrolled in a ballet class.  This is a whole new world for me as I never did ballet as a child.  So I am now immersed in a world of leotards, tutus, ballet socks (really?) and ballet pumps!    I have been very fortunate in having some lovely friends who have helped me out donating things from their older children.

The hardest thing for us though is hair accessories!  It sounds daft, but Alice has very fine hair and absolutely nothing stays in it.  I’ve tried hairbands but they hurt her ears.  So I have knitted my first Alice band.  Very plain in baby dk yarn.

Plain knitted hairband

She doesn’t seem to mind this one and it doesn’t damage her hair.  I’ve even started on another one with a bow on.

My next task is to knit a little ballet cardigan.  I can feel a trip to the wool shop coming on!

Happy crafting