Christmas Holiday Crafting

We’re in to the second half of the school holidays now and we’ve had some fun crafting with my daughter.

We started with card making! My daughter made this one at school. A really simple idea.
Reindeer Card

There’s been lots of drawing too. She loves dinosaurs!

We’ve also had a couple of baking sessions, mainly for the dancing class Christmas party.

Vanilla sponge raisin cakes

But we had to make some more so that we could have a taste!

Then Christmas brought some Hama beads. A friend mentioned that her daughters love them, so I thought I’d give them a try. They kept my almost 5-year old in concentration for well over an hour. I was really impressed with her determination to make something and I love the designs she came up with. They are now pride of place on her bedroom wall and door.

Seahorse Hama beads

Butterfly Hama beads

I would thoroughly recommend getting some of these beads and pegboards. I’ve ordered her some more for her birthday and I think I might have a go myself. (If she’ll let me this time!) The only look in I got last time was to do the ironing to stick them together!!

We only have a few more days now until her 5th birthday, so there will be more baking and crafting before the end of the holidays!

Happy holiday crafting