Half Term crafting

Last week was a full-on half term for me and little one!  I didn’t realise quite how much I’d got used to the peace and quiet of term time.  Anyway, we had lots planned as well as a few free days to wind down, do homework and generally mooch about together.

I tried to do something constructive or crafty every day.  This would range from me crafting for myself or doing some kids craft.  I managed to fit n quite a lot really.  Mainly because I’ve been crocheting granny squares – to practice my treble crochet a bit more – and I can do that more-or-less anywhere.  Crochet really is the most portable of crafts.  Great to do in the car (as long as you’re the passenger that is).

Our kids craft was predominantly drawing dinosaurs (her not me) and practicing writing.  But I did manage to get the Hama beads and some shrink plastic out.

 Hama bead makes

We both had great fun sorting through the huge jar of beads.  Dinosaurs are the main focus of everything in our house at the moment, so it was no surprise that she made a dinosaur.  But we managed to have a go at a skating Poppet and a blue seahorse too.  It’s great to see her following patterns, but even better when she decides to have a go at making it up herself (dinosaur).  I made the heart and I think I might use it on a card for Mother’s Day!

The shrink plastic was a brilliant idea.  She spent ages making sure she had coloured in all the fairies and toadstools etc and then we watched them all shrink in the oven.  This is a fabulous craft with kids.  It’s so exciting and satisfying watching the pieces curl up and shrink through the oven door.  The next plan is to use them to make some jewellery.  So watch this space for that.

Shrink plastic fairies

Our only other day of crafting was to make some buns using some over-ripe banana and a few left-over blueberries.  I used an all-in-one sponge recipe from Delia Smith and my daughter added the bits of banana and blueberries.  She loves this and the best bit, they only take 15 minutes in the oven so we were able to sample our baking just as we’d finished the washing up!!

We had a lovely time baking and making over the holidays, but it’s back to school now and time for me to get back to some grown-up crafting!

Happy crafting holidays

Prize draw winners

I decided to have 2 winners of the knitted hearts, and I am delighted to announce that

Gary Brunt and Kerry Seymour are the winners.

Love heart

Please get in touch with the details of which colour hearts you would like.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Decorated Hearts

Over the last few days I’ve been putting the finishing touches to my knitted hearts. I’ve raided my button stash and found some little flower ones to add to a heart for my Daughter. She loves it and is putting it on her dancing backpack!


The other I’ve done for my Mum as it’s her birthday on Friday and I wanted to give her something different along with the creams she bought for herself for me to wrap up!! I hope she likes it.


I’ve really enjoyed making these hearts. They’ve given me a lovely focus while I’ve been off my feet. I’m going to work on some for Christmas, maybe try some smaller ones as well as these larger hearts. But I think I shall park that idea in my file for later in the year, as I feel more like working on some Spring-like items now.

Happy crafting

Phone Cases

While I’ve been recovering from my foot operation, I’ve had some time to look through my yarn stash and I’ve used my newly arrived Clover pom-pom maker.

Wondering what on earth I could make to use my new equipment, I decided that a cover for my new phone would be an ideal project. I can never find the phone in my handbag so a nice brightly coloured knitted cover would be perfect. It’s a simple double rib knit design and is greatly improved by the added pom-poms don’t you agree?!


My husband also asked for a cover for his phone to stop it being damaged when it’s in his bicycle bag when hes riding to work and back. I restrained myself from making it bright pink and he didn’t want pom-poms either!


I think they’ve worked well and I’ve decided that I will take orders for anyone, just message me the dimensions of your phone (or other device) and any colour preference/ design and I can give you a price. Starting at £3 for a mobile phone.

Happy crafting

Published in Craftseller

Look what arrived in the post this morning!


My copy of the new issue of Craftseller magazine.

And I’m in on page 99. Woo hoo.

It’s in the shops on Thursday 13th February. Don’t forget to grab yourself a copy. There are some fabulous copyright free makes in there for Mother’s Day too.

Happy crafting

Open House

As I’m currently pretty much confined to home recovering from my foot operation, I’ve decided to hold a small craft sale here at home.

I’ll be selling all my cards and gifts and taking orders.  There will also be plenty of homemade cakes available with donations going to Hillside Animal Sanctuary.

So pop along to our house on Sunday (February 9th) 11am – 1pm and say hello.



Finished Knitted Hearts

I spent most of yesterday in the day care unit of Bolton Royal Infirmary having some nerves removed from my foot.  Ouch!  A planned operation that seems to have gone well as I’m not in too much pain………… yet!  Anyhow, it means I’m not particularly mobile and I’m stuck in the house keeping warm.

So I have plenty of time to finish off some knitted hearts ready for Valentine’s Day and I thought they would make nice little presents for Mother’s Day too.  It’s my Mum’s birthday on Valentine’s Day so I’m going to make one for her to go with her pots of creams that she asked for this year.

Red knitted hearts

I’ve really enjoyed making these little hearts. I’ve raided my stash of buttons and ribbons too which has of course, meant that the kitchen table was covered in bits and bobs. It’s been great to actually see what I’ve got and to be able to use up so many small pieces of ribbon and twine that was too nice to throw away but I thought I’d never get to use. I found a set of badges too and have added them onto a couple of the hearts. They make a pretty way to store badges or dangly earrings!

Coloured knitted hearts

I’m now knitting some white hearts for my Mum and Daughter and I’m going to add their names on.

Well it’s time for my next set of painkillers and to get my foot up.

Happy crafting