Finished Knitted Hearts

I spent most of yesterday in the day care unit of Bolton Royal Infirmary having some nerves removed from my foot.  Ouch!  A planned operation that seems to have gone well as I’m not in too much pain………… yet!  Anyhow, it means I’m not particularly mobile and I’m stuck in the house keeping warm.

So I have plenty of time to finish off some knitted hearts ready for Valentine’s Day and I thought they would make nice little presents for Mother’s Day too.  It’s my Mum’s birthday on Valentine’s Day so I’m going to make one for her to go with her pots of creams that she asked for this year.

Red knitted hearts

I’ve really enjoyed making these little hearts. I’ve raided my stash of buttons and ribbons too which has of course, meant that the kitchen table was covered in bits and bobs. It’s been great to actually see what I’ve got and to be able to use up so many small pieces of ribbon and twine that was too nice to throw away but I thought I’d never get to use. I found a set of badges too and have added them onto a couple of the hearts. They make a pretty way to store badges or dangly earrings!

Coloured knitted hearts

I’m now knitting some white hearts for my Mum and Daughter and I’m going to add their names on.

Well it’s time for my next set of painkillers and to get my foot up.

Happy crafting