Phone Cases

While I’ve been recovering from my foot operation, I’ve had some time to look through my yarn stash and I’ve used my newly arrived Clover pom-pom maker.

Wondering what on earth I could make to use my new equipment, I decided that a cover for my new phone would be an ideal project. I can never find the phone in my handbag so a nice brightly coloured knitted cover would be perfect. It’s a simple double rib knit design and is greatly improved by the added pom-poms don’t you agree?!


My husband also asked for a cover for his phone to stop it being damaged when it’s in his bicycle bag when hes riding to work and back. I restrained myself from making it bright pink and he didn’t want pom-poms either!


I think they’ve worked well and I’ve decided that I will take orders for anyone, just message me the dimensions of your phone (or other device) and any colour preference/ design and I can give you a price. Starting at £3 for a mobile phone.

Happy crafting