Crochet practice

Over the last year I have continued to practice my crochet in the form of treble crochet granny squares.  It’s been fun using different yarns and sizes of hooks.

I’ve made some little granny square bags and have a lovely stack of squares sat in a bag.  So I’ve decided to embark on my first blanket!  I’ve made 30 squares in 3 different colours, white, pale pink and a dusky pink.  I think they look really good together, but my problem now is how to join them together so they lie flat?

Crochet squares

I’ve seen blankets where the squares are joined directly together, I presume they have been sewn together somehow. I’ve also seen them with a crochet border between them. I like the thought of having a border in white but I’m not sure how to go about it. Any help would be gratefully received.

I think I’ll be hunting round Youtube for some ideas and tutorials!!

In the meantime I’ve embarked on another blanket (or is it an afghan?) as I discovered a lovely ball of cream double knit yarn in a drawer in the spare room. I don’t know what I had been saving it for but it’s now on it’s way to being a blanket!

I’ll keep you posted on how I get on.

Happy crafting

2 thoughts on “Crochet practice

  1. Hi Katherine,

    good to see your crochet coming along nicely! As for joining granny squares together, i use the join-as-you go method as this produces a lovely flat finish! You can choose a colour that you want to join all the squares together with and crochet an extra round or make it the last round of your squares.. otherwise i tend to work the front loop only with a slip stich from the wron side. this also produces a flatish finish. Some people prefer a ridge, but i’m not that keen.

    If you want to get together to have a play, just give me a shout!

    • Hi Giuseppe, great to hear from you, it’s been too long! We must meet up for a crafty play. Thanks for the tips, I may need you help in making it work though, it sounds complicated. I’m sure it actually isn’t but I struggle without seeing someone actually do it. I’m working on another blanket now, all in cream, which I think I’m going to add some pom poms too! See you soon x

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