A New Outlet

Over the last few weeks I’ve been hunting around for possible new outlets for my crafty makes. I’ve been looking at a number of online outlets and this week I’ve been lucky enough to win a 1 month stall on The Supermum’s Craft Fair website. It’s a great little place to visit a number of small businesses and purchase unique items across a very wide range of crafts.

So today, I’ve been stocking my stall and would love to know what you think of it. The number of items listed is limited to 20, so I have split it, with 15 cards and 5 knitted gifts.

Have a look at my stall and please leave some feedback, either on the stall or here.

Butterfly Hama beads

Happy crafting

2 thoughts on “A New Outlet

  1. Hi Katherine. I think you have some lovely and very professional products on what looks like a really interesting selling site. I especially love the cute white bunnies! Good luck with your sales and thanks for pointing me to the site x

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