Something Different

I haven’t done any baking for a while and thought I would have a go at something a little different for a change. I like to make scones. They’re quite simple and quick to make, as well as being totally delicious – especially warm with a little butter on the top. I love the recipe that my Mum uses, it’s over 50 years old but tastes great. Although I am starting to find cream of tartar more difficult to locate in the shops, and it’s this that makes the difference I think.

Anyway, I thought I’d have a go at a batch of scones, but this time I added chocolate raisins. It seemed a logical progression as I’ve made chocolate chip scones and fruit scones, why not combine them?

My daughter helped with the measuring and mixing and we watched the lovely scones rise in the oven together, mouths watering.

Chocolate Raisin Scones

They turned out pretty well. My daughter and I loved them. They were soft and light. Some had full chocolate raisins in the centre, whilst others had bits of chocolate and raisins. Delicious and a great experiment. It’s certainly got me thinking about what other ingredients I could add next time.

Happy crafting