End of Term

I can’t believe how fast this year has gone. My daughter is almost at the end of her Reception year at primary school and it doesn’t seem like five minutes since she was starting nursery. She is very much looking forward to going into year one in September, but we have the long six week summer holidays to fill before that.

We have a couple of weeks of the school term left and my mind has turned to the end of year gift for her teacher. I have decided to work through this school with knitted apple keyrings for the teachers. I wanted to have something personal and not chocolatey! Every year the teachers seem to be bombarded with chocolates and biscuits. Although some handmade biscuits could also be a good idea, I may need to work on that one, maybe apple shaped cookies?

Anyway, I’m going with the little knitted apple again. It’s so cute and with a split ring, it makes a great keyring (or handbag) charm. I have one on my keys as it makes them very easy to find when I’m rooting through my handbag.

Apple keyring

Apple keyring

I’m also working on some paper-pieced and drawn apple thank you cards. I shall post a picture when they are finished. I’d love to know what you think. You can message me on facebook or e-mail me to place an order too.

Happy crafting