Summer Harvest

With all the lovely weather recently, plenty of sunshine and some rain, my garden has been a hive of activity and growth. So this weekend I’ve been in the garden again to do some tidying up and making some space for some later flowering plants.

A couple of years ago I moved our gooseberry bush from a pot on the patio into the garden as it was being eaten by caterpillars. I decided it could go to the more wildlife area and the caterpillars could have it. It would seem that the caterpillars aren’t quite as fond of the new spot and I have harvested almost 2 kilos of fruit from this one bush. I am covered in scratches from the thorns, but it was definitely worth it.

I’ve also planted up an old pot with strawberry plants and harvested a bowl full, so we’ve had a lovely fruit salad for our tea tonight. And there are more yet to ripen, mmmmm.

Fingers crossed this weather continues, I’m waiting for my spring onions and rocket to harvest in the next week or two.

Happy gardening