More Christmas Decorations

It’s really felt like winter is coming over the last couple of nights, I’m freezing, having to wrap myself up in fleecy blankets. My knitting needles and crochet hooks are keeping my hands warm in the chill. I guess it’s time to put the heating back on!!

I’ve really got the Christmas vibe over the last week or so. I’ve been expanding my range of Christmas decorations to include more crochet items as well as the knitted stockings from last year. I found a lovely little pattern in LGC Knitting and Crochet magazine and have made up a number of snowflakes. Now all I have to do is decide whether to make them up into a garland or keep them as individual decorations for a tree.

Crochet Snowflakes

I hope you like them. I’ve also made some in a cool blue and am working on some in a slightly off-white yarn too. To go with them I’m making some more red crochet hearts. I think they work quite well together.

Hearts and Snowflakes

I’m going to add them to my range of decorations at £1 each or 6 for £5. E-mail me if you would like to order some. I will make them to order too, just choose your colour and I’ll get working on them for you.

Hope you all have a lovely day.

Happy crafting

Baby Comfort Blankets

I’ve been working on a number of baby comfort blankets since Bury Show. I had such a lovely response to them that I couldn’t help myself but make up some more. I’m trying different patterns in the granny squares and trying out different ways to edge them together too.

I’ve combined different colours of yarn too. This one is yellow and two shade of pink, with a bunny in the centre. Each square has a different shape in the centre, heart, flower, square and circle.

Baby blankie 2

I then made one to match a blanket I made, using blue and white yarns. This time I added a birdie to the centre, and made plain squares with white square centres.

Blue Bird blankie

I like the birdie so made another in pink with yellow squares and pink borders.

Pink birdie blankie

I really enjoyed making crochet flowers and decided to make another blankie with just flower motifs. This one is white with pink flowers and borders.

PInk flower blankie

Finally I have another pink blanket, this time with alternate heart and flower centres to the squares and a bunny to cuddle.

Pink Bunny blankie

I don’t know which is my favourite. I love them all. They are fully machine washable on a cool wash and certainly kept my knees warm while I was making them.

Which is your favourite?

Happy crafting

Christmas in September

Yes, I’m starting to think about Christmas. I know fellow crafters will have started making already, and non-crafters will be thinking I’m crazy. I’ve had my first stocking tree decoration order and I’ve been thinking about adding some different things to my range this year.

With my new love of crochet, I thought I’d try some crochet stockings. I’ve made a few as a trial and I’m after some feedback now. They are a little larger than the knitted ones, so will hold a few sweets or a small gift.

Crochet stockings

They are lovely to make up and I’m going to try with other coloured yarns too. I’m working on one now to which I am going to add a little snowflake design and button. My next project is to try a stripy one.

I’m also going to look for some ‘Frozen’ beads and buttons to add to them as I know my daughter and her friends are crazy about that film.

Back to the needles!

Happy crafting

Rest In Peace

Today I have said goodbye to a beloved pet. Bob was 15 years old and a real character. He filled a hole for my Mum and Dad after my brother and I left home and he has been a loving companion.

Suffice it to say we are all very sad and will miss him greatly.


Rest in Peace Bob

Great British Bake Off

In homage to the Great British Bake Off, I decided to do some baking today.

The cupboards were well stocked with chocolate chips and raisins, so it was time to make some scones again.  I used my old recipe and made mixed fruit scones, chocolate and raisin scones and sultana scones.  Plenty to keep us going for while!

Chocolate Raisin Scones

Such a lovely treat after tea!

I can’t wait for bake off now.

Happy crafting