Our Handmade Tree

This year I’ve let my daughter have a tree in the hall, and given her a huge box of decorations.  The box was full of handmade decorations, some made by her through the few years of her life in nursery and school.   It’s been a real journey of remembering watching her decorate the tree. She made one of the decorations at playgroup when she was only just 1!  It’s great to see how she’s grown as some of the decorations she’s made at school have her photo on.

Handmade Christmas Tree

Once she had reminisced with me over all her decorations, she got out some of the decorations I’ve made over the last twenty years or so. I love the little snowballs at the bottom of the tree. They were some of the first decorations I made over twenty years ago. So there’s a real mix of little stockings, snowflakes, hearts and some Jean Greenhowe decorations (including the snowballs). We love our little handmade tree and long may we keep adding new decorations to it.

Merry Christmas

Christmas Tree

Yesterday I took my Christmas tree decorations to my local sandwich shop to decorate the Christmas tree. It’s so nice decorating someone else’s tree for a change. This year the tree has little stockings, crackers, snowballs, snowflakes, stars and hearts.


All the decorations are for sale at £1 each or 6 for £5.

Pop along for some breakfast or lunch and have a browse.

Happy Christmas

Christmas Cards

December is here already. Where has 25014 gone?

I have been frantically trying to make enough Christmas cards to put on a stall, but so many have gone already that I’m only left with a few. So here’s a selection of the cards I have made using some recycled bits and pieces.

First up I have 4 robin cards.


I rescued these little robins and they are so cute with their little legs that wobble. These cards are available individually or as a set. These are a limited edition of 4.

Next up are a new design of button baubles.

Button Bauble Cards

Button Bauble Cards

I have made 4. However, I can make more although they would be slightly different depending on the buttons I have available. I really like this look and it’s quite different for me. Again these are available individually or as a set.

Finally I have one set of the snowman tag cards. These are made using white buttons and are mounted on Christmas papers.


I would love to know what you think of these cards. I have a few other packs and individual cards left, pop along to have a browse and let me know your favourites. Christmas Cards

Happy Christmas

Winter Baking

I made my Christmas cake several weeks ago now and it smells amazing whenever I open the tin to feed it it’s weekly slug of brandy. But every time I open the tin it makes me want to sneak a nibble! So I decided to get out the Paul Hollywood book that hubby gave me for our wedding anniversary. Wow what a fabulous choice of cakes in there.

I’ve made 2 Ripon Spice cakes so far. They are a great alternative to the full fruit cake with a lot less fruit and light sugar. But it smells divine when it’s cooking filling the whole house with a spicy aroma. It’s a fabulous tea loaf and Hubby likes to spread it with butter. I’m quite happy just with the cake a brew!


We’ve also had a go at some of the bread. Here’s my husbands’ first go at the Crusty Swansea.

Crusty Swansea

I can thoroughly recommend this book. The recipes are easy to follow and the tips for kneading are great.

I’m making myself hungry again now seeing these pictures. I was going to start crocheting a snowman but I might have to bake another cake instead!

Happy baking