Another Sales Outlet

I have been looking for somewhere to sell my cards / gifts – a physical shop – for some time. I have asked around a number of retail spaces but have been struggling with finding the right location. With some gentle encouragement from a friend, I have now found a local outlet. My local newsagents is now stocking some of my cards!

First card display

They stock quite a good selection of cards, and mine now add a ‘handmade’ alternative to mass produced printed cards. I have a small display stand which I am updating on a weekly basis, trying different styles to see what works.

This is quite a nerve-wracking experience. Seeing my cards on display in somebody else’s shop is great, but now comes the hard bit – what if they sell too quickly and I can’t keep up with demand? Or worse, what if they don’t sell at all?

As this is a completely new venture for me, I have put together a list of the cards I have taken to the shop, giving them all a reference number to aid with identification. I have also set out a couple of terms and conditions for an agreement. They are basically being sold on a sale or return basis and I have set a flat fee commission for the shop. This makes it far easier for me to keep track of. So my fingers are crossed and hoping that my weekly visit to the shop will provide a few sales, or at least some feedback for me to work on. My first comment from the shop owner’s young daughter is to make some cards with butterflies on! I will need to get busy!

Wish me luck.

Happy crafting