Jam and Jerusalem

There has been so much on the TV recently about the centenary of the WI, I decided to take a leaf from their book and use up the remaining blackberries to make some jam! I always thought this would be a difficult process and would need loads of extra ingredients and equipment. My neighbour said it was dead easy to do and I should give it a try. So I did a bit of research on the internet – You Tube is amazing for tutorials – and thought I would have a go.


So out came all the washed blackberries, a large bag of sugar, my largest pan, masher and pots for the finished produce. Everywhere I found on the internet called for added pectin with blackberries, but my Delia book doesn’t mention it. As this was my first go at jam making, I decided on the simple approach – fruit and sugar.

Firstly I mashed the blackberries a bit in the pan, then added the sugar, stirred with my trusty wooden spoon and then brought them to the boil.


Here they are on the hob, nicely boiling away. I removed some of the bubbles as they boiled and kept a watch on it to check on thickening up.  It didn’t take long, and then I left it to cool, whilst boiling my pots.

I was amazed at just how much jam I made.  I finished the day with six pots ready for the fridge.  I hope they last as I don’t think we’ll get through it that quickly on toast – oooo, that’s made me think of scones, maybe I shall have to have another baking session again soon.  Watch this space!

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2 thoughts on “Jam and Jerusalem

  1. I really want to have a go at jam next year. I also thought you needed loads of extra ingredients. I’ll have to do some research and give it a go! I really want a scone now!

    • I think it might have benefitted from some extra pectin, but I just used granulated sugar and it tastes ok to me. Alice loves it in porridge as well as on toast, and she asks for it instead of the shop bought jam we have, so I take it that it’s ok for her too. Mum thinks it’s not quite sweet enough, but I guess it’s personal preference. It makes a lovely sauce on ice-cream though. Have a go, I will certainly do it again – I’m saving my jars now! x

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