Growing Kittens

I mentioned back at the end of December that I have adopted two abandoned kittens and they are certainly making their presence felt in the household. We have gone through a tough period of settling in. George in particular has taken his time in getting used to us all, but things are starting to settle down.

They have both had a series of trips to the vet, for check ups, injections, weight monitoring and neutering.


But I am now pleased to say that they have a clean bill of health and have started to explore the wider environment. They are both still quite timid with other people and strange noises, but I’m not too bothered about that as it is keeping them close to home. It took over a week of being let outside for them to go further than the patio outside the kitchen door, and they much prefer it if I go out with them. Goodness knows what they will be like when the encounter another cat – and we do have a few around the neighbourhood!

So here they are in all their glory, climbing the trees and shrubs.



Both of them have grown a lot in the four months they have been with us. I think George is going to be a big lad, and Lily is all set to be a dainty little thing. They are both very keen on my crafting! Not surprisingly they love my bags of yarn, so I have had to be much more disciplined at putting everything away when finished with. Of course, I still indulge them with the odd pom -pom and piece of yarn to chase.

What has surprised me most is how George just loves the cursor on the computer screen, so I frequently have a little ‘helper’ when I’m on the pc. The best part though is when I’m snuggled up on the settee with some crochet or knitting and I’m joined by them both, Lily on my knee …..



and George has taken a liking to my project bag! (I’m not sure he’ll be able to fit in it for long though).

Ah well, they are growing fast and are great company although it is somewhat distracting when a kitten decides to jump on my desk while I’m working!

Happy crafting

Personalising Cards

Over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking more about personalising cards and what sort of cards to make in order to have some to show as examples. So, with a neighbour’s birthday party around the corner, I decided to sit down and work through the various ideas in my head.

As I’ve been obsessed recently with the ‘dangler’ cards I thought I’d set about making them into frames into which I could add a sentiment or number depending on the celebration or occasion. My first one was for my neighbour’s birthday. She didn’t want any presents, just donations to a charity that she is very close to, so I thought an individual handmade card would be a great gift for her. I decided to have a change from mostly white card and made this one with some Create and Craft topsy-turvy cardstock in shades of turquoise. I also had a real play with my small die collection. The frame was made using spellbinders scalloped circle nesting dies and the layered flower on the acetate dangler is from a sizzix die set.  I added some little punched flowers with clear gems for centres and a tied a piece of co-ordinating satin ribbon into a bow.  To finish off the front of the card I used a tonic number die set for the ’70’.


The card was very much appreciated and several other people have since asked for a similar style of personalising. So I have set about making up a few cards in different colours ready to add numbers to. I have again used the topsy-turvy cardstock as the colours are lovely. I think the bright yellow paired with the softer pastel yellow make a great combination, so sunny.

Yellow Heart

Yellow Heart

Orange Frame Card

Orange Frame Card

I also made a white and turquoise combination card……


This has now been personalised for a horse-loving 21 year old’s birthday. I hope she likes it!


I was also recently asked for a 50th birthday card for a man. I always find men’s cards difficult, even when I know the man in question. But these age related quotes in the Hunkydory little books are proving popular. So I added some 50’s using my tonic dies and Hunkydory adorable scorable cardstock.


I really love these styles of cards and they lend themselves to some personalising. So I think I will set about making up another batch in different colours to add to my stock at the local newsagents and to put into my box for the craft fair later in the year!

Happy crafting

Spring Babies

It seems that it’s not only the animals that are having all their babies at this lovely time of year. I have been amazed at how many of the school Mums have announced they are having a baby or have given birth. So I thought it was a good idea to start on some more new baby cards.

My daughter’s ballet teacher is also due to give birth in the next few weeks, and all the Mums have had a collection. I offered to make the card as my contribution, so I decided to use my ‘dangler’ card style but make it A4 to allow enough room (hopefully) for all the Mums to sign it. We know it’s going to be a boy, so that made the choice of colours pretty straightforward! I added some blue gems as well after I took this picture. I hope she likes it!


I really am loving making this style of card at the moment and having made a blue card I wanted to even up the score so, I made a pink one as well. This one is 5×7 in size and will be on sale in my stand at the newsagents down the road.

Pink pram

Pink pram

I can’t wait to make some more. I’m liking the idea of a yellow one, but I’m not so sure how popular that will be. Everyone seems to find out what they are having these days. I wanted a surprise, but I think I am in the minority.

I think I will go and enjoy some of the dry weather and add to my stock of baby blankets to go with the cards!

Happy spring crafting

Change of Pace

It’s been a while since I found myself in a coffee shop on my own for an hour, but that’s where I find myself today. Such luxury. But I feel I should be doing something, so after a root round I have managed to put pen to paper (so to speak). I’m pleased to say that for once, the sun is shining and I am slowly munching my way through a bag of fruit and nuts along with a lovely cup of tea.

The reason for my luxurious bit of ‘me’ time is that I am waiting for Alice, who is at an extra study class. This is the prize she won from the Rock Easter Egg Hunt. So we have a whole month of tuition to look forward to. And so far so good, she loves it! I think the combination of a different type of learning – she’s concentrating on creative writing and working on her writing speed – being somewhere new and meeting new people, is a real hit with her. Plus we seem to have the added benefit of a growth in her self-confidence too. So long may it continue.

I, on the other hand, now find myself with some time to spare. So today I have come ladened with crochet hook, yarn, pattern and phone, in the hope that I will achieve something from my ever growing ‘to do’ list. I am working on a number of crochet projects at the moment, the main one being orders for little snowmen. It does feel wrong crocheting snowmen just when it’s starting to get warm again outside, but they were popular amongst the dance Mums and I have orders for five more ready for next Christmas!


So I’m trying to get ahead and make a few more so I’m ready for the Ramsbottom craft fair at the end of October. I’m trying not to think too far ahead but I know it’ll be here before I know it. I’m hoping to put together a collection in a rainbow of colours. So fingers crossed and I might actually have them ready in time. They will look quite cute alongside my little lavender chicks.

Time to finish my cuppa and collect Alice now, so

Happy crafting