Escape to the sea!

I’ve escaped for a week’s break!  My order books are clear and I’m having some much needed rest and relaxation on the Algarve.  Before all the parents begin to castigate me, I haven’t taken my daughter out of school.  I just don’t believe in doing that.  No, I am fully making the most of a week away without responsibilities.  Basically I’ve hi-jacked Mum and Dad’s holiday – well they did offer – and left Alice, the kittens and the house in the very capable hands of Hubby!

It’s really beautiful here.  I’m in Carvoeiro, a small town with plenty of bars, restaurants and shops, certainly more than enough to keep me occupied in the evenings.  Mind you, I don’t plan to do very much while I’m here.  I’m hoping the weather perks up a bit.  The locals have said it’s been raining for the last ten days!  I could have stayed at home for that, but everyone is sure the sun is going to come out later today.  I hope so, or else I will have to go and buy a jumper.  I didn’t bring nearly enough yarn (or a pattern for that matter) to make one! 20160519_205651

So, my plans for the week are pretty simple (assuming the sun does make an appearance)

  1. Sleep
  2. Sunbathe by the pool
  3. Swim
  4. Read
  5. Eat well in the evening
No sign of any housework this week.  I have brought a couple of magazines and a crochet kit with me, so you never know what I might make.  But my overall intention is to have a rest and catch up on some me-time!
Happy Holidays