My Crafts

Card making is my primary craft. Working with different papers, colours and patterns is great fun – you can never have too much paper (or ribbon, pens, buttons, gems ……) I discovered card making in 2007 or so, as I wanted to find a craft I could do quite quickly and thought it would be useful to make my own cards for friends and family occasions. It’s also a great craft when you have small children, as they can always ‘help’ with the design.

I have been knitting for almost as long as I can remember. I was inspired watching my Grandma knitting whenever I went round to her house. She always had a project on the go (usually a cardigan or jumper for me or my dolls). I could spend hours in a wool shop, all the textures and colours are delightful. I carded, spun and dyed my own wool at school and a large proportion of my Art GCSE and A-level were Kaffe Fasset inspired creations. I find knitting very therapeutic and a great past-time when watching TV and not wanting to bite my nails! It’s also a wonderful way to make individual gifts.

In 2002, after completing an intensive Open University degree and several other business qualifications, I decided it was time to do something new, interesting and relaxing. Having been told throughout school that painting wasn’t for me, I thought I’d try a beginners watercolour course. One of the best things I’ve ever done. I loved the freedom of the paint flowing wherever it wanted – once I had come to terms with not being able to control its every move! I haven’t pursued this to any great extent, unfortunately, and would love to pick the brushes up again. However, it combines brilliantly with making my own cards.

The ultimate feel good craft has to be baking. It’s relatively quick and you can eat the results! What’s not to like? I am a home kitchen baker – scones, biscuits, cakes and buns. This is not altogether conducive to staying trim, so I started to look for alternatives for when I needed a sweet treat without all the calories. My chocolate sticks and mince tartlets are very tasty at Christmas (or any other time of year). Mmmmmmmm….Enjoy…