Post COVID normality?

Well, this has been a very long time in the writing! It’s been almost two years since I last put pen to paper, while the whole world was in the throes of the first set of lockdowns I think.

It’s been a hard couple of years for everyone in may different ways, and today marks the two-year anniversary of the official start of our first UK lockdown. Similarly to then, I am sat in the garden enjoying some very warm early Spring sunshine. This time though I am being serenaded not by the local birds, but the screeching tones of the local primary school after-school-club children! Why do children feel the need to squeal and scream everything?!

Anyway, it’s been a tough couple of years. I have found it hard to function normally with all my routines thrown into chaos and lots of changes to our lives and freedoms. Like many I have loved the peace and quiet without all the traffic noise; being able to hear the birdsong was absolute bliss for me and a great opportunity to start to identify birds from their song. The chance to spend more time outside was a real tonic particularly as I had had my space invaded by a home-worker and a home-schooler. It’s amazing how stressful it is having your family all under the same roof! And the house felt so small. So the garden has become even more of a refuge than ever before.

Black-cap visitor to the bird feeder

I’ve been thinking about what to write for a while and I had planned to start at New Year! I blinked and now it’s Spring, but better-late-than-never. So what have I been up to crafting wise? I’ve kept up with my facebook page reasonably well and card orders have been pretty steady, so I’ve managed to retain my crafty focus more-or-less. It’s been good to do some crafting for us at home too(lots of face masks and family cards) as this is something I don’t generally do that much of. I had a good read through my last posts in 2020 and what I haven’t done much of is finishing off the enormous pile of unfinished projects. I had every intention of completing them, but I think I just lost my way with the enormity of it. However, I am pleased to say that the pile is somewhat smaller than it was.

Before I go, I thought I’d end with a success. I have spent the last two years crocheting the granny square blanket, started in lockdown and the subject of my last post ( This was a labour of love and something I thought about submitting to Grayson Perry’s Art Club, but I couldn’t think of a theme that it fitted in. It’s a project I’m pleased I’ve completed but I miss it keeping me warm on the settee watching the TV. It looks great on the bed though and as you can see, the cats rather like it too. This is George’s favourite spot!

Finished blanket adorning the bed

It’s good to be back and I Shall try to keep up with some ramblings more frequently. Do message or comment, I’d love to know how everyone is out there.

Happy crafting

K x

My lockdown blanket

With all of the sorting out of my crafting stash and completing my works-in-progress, I am finding plenty of yarn ends.  So a few weeks ago I decided to make a lockdown rainbow blanket using up all the these left over bits.  I’ve gone for the simple treble crochet granny square pattern and I am trying to stick to the standard rainbow – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet – with an addition of Grey and White at the end.

It’s been very therapeutic to do whilst watching my favourite TV shows – particularly The Repair Shop, Sewing Bee and Gardener’s World.  I’m hoping to make it large enough to use as a throw over my bed, so it’s going to take a while.

The problem with trying to stick to the rainbow format is making sure I have an equal number of balls of each colour.  I keep having to stop and go on a hunt for either red or range at the moment!  So I’m going through my WIP bag to finish off a project each time I run out of a colour.  Hopefully this will mean I can kill two birds with one stone, finishing off a WIP as well as using up the leftovers on my blanket.  It does appear that I don’t have much in the red category amongst my projects at present.  I suppose I’d better make a start on some Christmas projects!!

It’s been a lovely project to get out each evening while I’m catching up with myself.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the re-run of ‘Pride and Prejudice‘ (Is there really a better way to spend a mid-week evening than watching Colin Firth look smoulderingly at Jennifer Ehle, while crocheting a blanket to warm your legs up?!) Maybe a bar of chocolate and a glass of wine would be welcome additions, but not when I need to concentrate enough to keep the pattern going – I have a tendency to misplace stitches and have to unravel if there’s too much wine involved!!

There’s certainly plenty of work left in the this blanket, so I’m going to have to find another series to work along too – there seem to be fewer and fewer escapist programmes to watch these days.  Although I have got into Tess of the d’Urbevilles over on BBC4.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Happy crafting


Baby Blanket

We’ve had a manic few weeks with Christmas, New Year, daughter’s and in-laws birthdays and now we have a new addition to the family. My Brother and Sister-in-law have just had a little boy.  As they hadn’t found out the sex beforehand, and he arrived 2 weeks early, I had to be quick making his gift.

I decided to make a blanket for a change.  I usually make knitted toys, in particular an octopus, but as his older brother already has one I thought I’d try something different.

Blue blanket edge detail

I found some lovely blue variegated baby yarn and put together with a plain pale blue yarn I made a huge granny square blanket with a few stripes and a scalloped edge.

Blue blanket corner detail

I loved making this and it’s so warm. I hope they like it.

I loved the design too, so I think I might make some more.

Happy crafting

Baby Comfort Blankets

I’ve been working on a number of baby comfort blankets since Bury Show. I had such a lovely response to them that I couldn’t help myself but make up some more. I’m trying different patterns in the granny squares and trying out different ways to edge them together too.

I’ve combined different colours of yarn too. This one is yellow and two shade of pink, with a bunny in the centre. Each square has a different shape in the centre, heart, flower, square and circle.

Baby blankie 2

I then made one to match a blanket I made, using blue and white yarns. This time I added a birdie to the centre, and made plain squares with white square centres.

Blue Bird blankie

I like the birdie so made another in pink with yellow squares and pink borders.

Pink birdie blankie

I really enjoyed making crochet flowers and decided to make another blankie with just flower motifs. This one is white with pink flowers and borders.

PInk flower blankie

Finally I have another pink blanket, this time with alternate heart and flower centres to the squares and a bunny to cuddle.

Pink Bunny blankie

I don’t know which is my favourite. I love them all. They are fully machine washable on a cool wash and certainly kept my knees warm while I was making them.

Which is your favourite?

Happy crafting

Crochet Baby Comforters

At Bury Show the other week I had some very positive comments to the crochet comforter that I entered into the craft competition, so I decided I should maybe look at making some more. I posted the picture on my facebook page and had even more comments which has sealed the deal and I have been working on a couple more of them, one for an order and one to look at some different colour combinations.

My original blankie was yellow with alternate blue and pink shapes in the granny squares and edging.


My first order for one, is for a baby girl, so it’s in yellow again, but this time with two shades of pink for the shapes and edging.

Baby blankie 2

I’m currently working on a pink blanket and rabbit, with darker pink shapes on the granny squares. I love the flower motifs best and I think I will try one with just flowers on.

I would really love some feedback on these, just leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Happy crafting

More crochet…..

I’ve really got hooked (no pun intended, honest) on crochet.  It’s so much easier to transport about than knitting.  In particular I  love making granny squares.  It’s mad really as I make them and then don’t know what I’m going to make with them.  So I’ve found making the baby blankets quite a useful way of combining my love of granny squares and also then having something to make with them.

Over recent weeks I’ve been making two blankets, one for an order and another just for fun.

Close up of flower square

I’ve also trialled a frilly edge to the combined squares.

Blanket edge

I’m experimenting with treble crochet, to make the frill. I quite like the effect using 6 treble crochet in each space. I’ve also used a seven stitch ‘frill’ with 1 double crochet, 1 half-treble, 3 treble, 1 half-treble and 1 double crochet. I can’t make up my mind which I like best.

My next blanket is sat in a pile of blue and white squares at the moment, so I need to get sewing them together and then working on a edge. I might try the other frill edge this time.

Happy crafting

New crochet blanket

I’m working on another crochet blanket, blue this time.  I posted a snap of the first part a week or so ago and I thought I’d show a bit more.


I have eight completed squares with the white rows at different points in each square.  I plan to do 2 of each square and then sew them all together with a white border.

I shall post more pictures as I progress.

Happy crafting

A Tough Week

I seem to have been away from crafting and my blog for quite while. What with two weeks of school holidays to entertain my daughter!

This week I’ve been heavily involved in my other role, as a governor at my daughter’s primary school. I took on the role last year, as a way to get involved in school and give something back. Little did I know how much I was going to have to do! I think it’s been an unusual few weeks though, as our head teacher is retiring due to ill-health and we have had a very quick turn-around to find a new head. To the credit of everyone involved, it’s been had work but we managed to get to interview stage. So that’s what I’ve been doing this week, observing practical demonstrations in school and interviewing.

So I’ve had little time to actually craft during the day, but I have found it very therapeutic in the evenings to unwind from the stresses of the day. I’m currently obsessed with crochet. Having discovered that I can actually read a pattern and do more than one stitch, it’s been great fun working on different projects. I managed to finish my granny square blanket which my daughter loves. I’m trying to keep it away from the cats too as they seem to be taking a shine to my work at the moment (they’re never that interested in my card making though!).

Pink Granny Square blanket

This has inspired me to make another blanket in blue this time, but I’m going to have larger squares I think, with some patterns running through. It’s going to be an evolving one this so I shall see where the mood takes me!

Crochet in progress

With the success of my amigurumi creatures over Easter, I thought I would have a go at some bunnies in different colours too. I have a couple in progress now, in beige and pink and I’ve also started a yellow chick.

Bunny in progress

Bunny and Chick in progress

I shall get stuffing soon and then will add to the range for sale.

It’s been great having such a lovely past-time to help unwind after such a busy week. I don’t know what I would have done if I couldn’t pick up some needles or a hook – probably eaten and drunk far too much.

Here’s to a relaxing bank holiday weekend.

Happy crafting


I’ve been working over the last few weeks, to improve my crochet skills. I have been doing basic treble crochet granny squares for over a year now and wanted to master some other stitches. Seeing pictures around the craft forums, blogs, magazines and facebook pages of such lovely crochet projects I felt it was time to overcome my fear of trying to read patterns and get my head around visualising in 3d!

So out came my hooks and yarns and the lovely craft magazine ‘Let’s Get Crafting: Knitting and Crochet’. They’ve been running a series on granny squares in the magazine and there is also a lovely set of stitch instructions at the end of each issue. I find reading stitch instructions quite difficult, even with pictures, but I kept trying until I had something that looked like the pictures.

Granny square practice

I don’t think I got all the stitches quite right when following the patterns as I have two squares that are much larger than the others!! Even so, I was confident to have a try at the squares with a smaller hook and thinner yarn.








As I have been working on making a blanket using the basic treble crochet granny square principle, I needed something more interesting to finish it off. I wanted to add some smaller squares to the ends of the blanket, and worked three each of two designs to fit at the ends. Once I had the six additional squares completed I decided that the simplest way for me to connect them together was to sew them.

Crochet blanket

I’m quite pleased with my finished piece. My first significant crochet project.

Happy crafting