Half Term crafting

I can’t believe that half term is over again. This year is flying. With only a week to fill, there’s not that much we can do really. After a visit to Grandma, a shopping trip and a treat cinema visit that is.

So this week, we’ve been making some cards. Firstly was a get well soon card for Nana (my Mother-in-law) who has been a bit under the weather recently and had a hospital procedure. I let Alice loose with my small die collection and she chose my newest purchase, a spellbinders bow set to make this lovely card.


While Alice was busy making her card I made a birthday card for her friend. She chose all the papers and the main topper, but I put it all together.


Alice was given a large loomband set for her birthday and she decided she would like to make her Nana a gift to go with the card. So we looked through a book with instructions on how to make some loom band charms. She picked one of the simple patterns and made a could of tulips. A regular size one made using two bands for each link, and the smaller one which uses a single band doubled over for each link. The regular one was much easier to do for me, but her little fingers managed well on both. She loved it and has reignited her love for all things loom band. The house is now full of bracelets and necklaces!


I’m going to have to think of something different to make over the Easter holidays. They aren’t that far off now.

Happy crafting

Loom Bands

I suppose it was only a matter of time until my daughter discovered the craze for loom bands.  It was one of the girls in her dance class that mentioned them to her a couple of weeks ago, since when we’ve been inundated with requests for bands and a loom.

It is a brilliant concept.  A bit like crochet with the little hook and the loom makes it look a bit like the dolly knitting I did as a child.  As she’s only 5, she needed a bit of help to get going and we made the first couple of bracelets without a loom.  She’s now very proficient at this simple style and has made several bracelets for her friends at school.


So I’m now investigating different styles on You Tube.  She would like to get the most out of using the loom and make a bag!  She saw the dress that has been sold on e-bay and is very inspired for me to teach her how to make more things.  I have managed to teach how to do the fishtail and she’s again doing very well with that.


I love the simplicity of the materials and equipment with this craft.  The only problem for me is that I find it as addictive as she does and I don’t know where the time goes!  I’ve stocked up her tub of bands ready for the summer holidays next week and now need to find some more instructions for her.

Any ideas or links to good tutorials would be gratefully received.

Happy crafting