Baby Comfort Blankets

I’ve been working on a number of baby comfort blankets since Bury Show. I had such a lovely response to them that I couldn’t help myself but make up some more. I’m trying different patterns in the granny squares and trying out different ways to edge them together too.

I’ve combined different colours of yarn too. This one is yellow and two shade of┬ápink, with a bunny in the centre. Each square has a different shape in the centre, heart, flower, square and circle.

Baby blankie 2

I then made one to match a blanket I made, using blue and white yarns. This time I added a birdie to the centre, and made plain squares with white square centres.

Blue Bird blankie

I like the birdie so made another in pink with yellow squares and pink borders.

Pink birdie blankie

I really enjoyed making crochet flowers and decided to make another blankie with just flower motifs. This one is white with pink flowers and borders.

PInk flower blankie

Finally I have another pink blanket, this time with alternate heart and flower centres to the squares and a bunny to cuddle.

Pink Bunny blankie

I don’t know which is my favourite. I love them all. They are fully machine washable on a cool wash and certainly kept my knees warm while I was making them.

Which is your favourite?

Happy crafting

2 thoughts on “Baby Comfort Blankets

  1. Hi… your baby blankets look fab….. I would love to make one for my new niece,
    can you share the pattern? Many thanks Niamh (From Ireland)

    • Thank you Niamh. They all vary depending on what I feel like when I make them. They are comprised of 4 granny squares, made using standard treble crochet. I took the patterns for the different shapes from LGC: Knitting and Crochet magazines as they have had a series of granny squares. The centre animal pattern was again from an old issue of LGC: Knitting and Crochet magazine. They have lots of free patterns Hope this helps, Kath x

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