Mother’s Day and Flowers

That favourite spring celebration of all our Mums is fast approaching.  This year it’s Sunday 10th March.

I’ve been trying to get a head start on my Mother’s Day cards and my earlier launch of the hearts and flowers cards has helped.  But I really want to expand on these flowers, using other colours and materials rather than just paper.  I’ve experimented with more patterns already and the Papermania capsule collections make matching differing designs quite straight forward.  I love the simplicity of the single flower on a plain white card, with complementary hand drawn borders on the card, insert and envelopes.  However, I want to take this further.

Black and white flower cardPaper FlowersFlower shaped card

Over the last couple of days I’ve been thinking about this and how I can use flowers more, particularly for Mother’s Day.  So I’ve been looking at my ever popular handbag cards and thinking about adding the flowers as embellishments on a collection of ‘designer’ handbags, just for Mother’s Day.

I also want to do some experiments with fabrics.  I bought some beautiful offcuts of vintage fabrics from Nathalie at the U in cute and I think these will make some stunning card embellishments.  I may take this one step further and turn the flower into a small brooch attached to the card, making both a card and gift in one!  I’d already been thinking about this for crochet and knitted flowers and hearts, however, I need to keep practicing my crochet (my first attempt at a flower was somewhat disappointing).

Pink Crochet Flower and Black Bacelet

So I think it’s going to be a busy few weeks of making designer handbags and paper flowers, and practicing my crochet some more.  And added to my list for the future os to get out the needles, thread and fabric.  It’s got to be worth a few experiments!

Happy crafting