Pirates, Cake and Christmas!

Another day, another commute! This time it’s the bus to Bolton for an orthopaedics appointment! My mind is currently filled with apprehension for steroid injections, so a concentrated effort to write, may hopefully, refocus my mind and calm me down.

It’s the start of a busy couple of weeks for me, both as a Mum and a crafter. I have several birthdays (family and friends) to make cards for, 2 summer fairs (school and community group) and Bury Agricultural Show! In amongst all that there seem to be pirates taking over the area, in the shape of birthday parties, fairs and fun-days at school!


So I need to sort myself out and make a list of things to make, edible treats and other gifts. I’ll need an ingredient list too!

Vanilla Fairy Buns

Vanilla Fairy Buns

I hate to say it, but I could do with a rainy day to sit down and get making. With hayfever clogging my nose and fogging my brain, I’m a bit behind where I’d like to be with my stock. A concerted effort over the next couple of weeks should help.

And then I’ll be turning my thoughts to the much dreaded word ……………… Christmas!!!! (Aaarrrgggghhhh)

Christmas Tree Decoration Display

Happy crafting

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  1. But, but Halloween is before Christmas! I love a bit of spookiness and general darkness.

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