I’m starting early thinking about Easter! I know, it’s not until April this year and it has nothing to do with my diet and craving chocolate I promise!! Ha ha

Anyway, my duck family proved so popular at the duck race last year that I thought I’d make some more for Easter. They make a lovely alternative to a mountain of chocolate eggs and are much easier to post to a friend. They are also very cute and a Mum and baby would be a lovely gift for a new Mum.

So, out came the knitting needles again and I’ve started on the hatchlings.

Hatchlings in progress

They are quite quick to knit up. Each one takes about an hour to make but I tend to knit several of each piece rather than make one hatchling at time. A bit like a production line I guess. It means the time spent making them is reduced as I’m not constantly swapping yarn and hunting for needles to sew up with!! I spent last week’s dance class sewing them up – well I have to have something to do will little one is dancing her socks off! I might take some actual knitting next week as she has her first exam as well as a class.

I’ve made a few hatchlings and now I’m getting to work on the ducklings with gorgeous knitted hats! I love knitting them up and they can be made in any colour or pattern you like. I tend to stick to plain or stripes, but I reckon a little rainbow hat would look great. I was asked to make two pale blue and one red the other day. My bet is that they are for football fans.

Knitted duckling hats

Don’t they look cute?

I am now taking orders for the ducks. If you would like to order a duck, you can choose from Mum, Dad, duckling or hatchling and I can make them in cream, white or yellow. Then choose your hat colour.

Prices are:
Mother Duck £4
Father Duck £4
Duckling £3
Hatchling £2

Duck Family (Mother, Father, 2 Ducklings, 1 Hatchling) £15

Contact me on kath@handmadebykatherine.co.uk or message me on www.facebook.com/Handmadebykatherine

Happy Crafting