Charity Knit

Last year I had some shocking news about a friend and former work colleague. She is just a few weeks younger than me and has had a terrible illness which has left her unable to speak or move. So, one of her very close friends has organised a party night to help pay for extra physio sessions. She has been overwhelmed with the donations to her raffle and I wanted to do something too.

I thought having a go at an owl would be a good idea.

Owl in progress

It’s a pattern I found in an old Woman’s Weekly knitting special. I decided to use some aran yarn for the body and wings and I used double knit for the beak and feet. I had no idea how big he would actually be though!

The original pattern used felt for the eyes, but I wanted to do something a bit different and thought it was a good opportunity to practice some crochet! So I think I’ve done 2 circles of double crochet! Whatever stitch I did I think it looks quite effective. I added a couple of chain stitches for each pupil in the body colour yarn.

Knitted Owl

He stands approximately 25cm tall and with a weight inside would make a pretty good doorstop! But as he is he’s very cuddly and is currently looking handsome sat on my sideboard in the living room.

Knitted Owl

I hope everyone likes him and that he helps to raise some much needed money for the physio sessions. I’m hoping to have a go at a pussy-cat to go with him, so watch this space.

Happy charity crafting