I’ve been working over the last few weeks, to improve my crochet skills. I have been doing basic treble crochet granny squares for over a year now and wanted to master some other stitches. Seeing pictures around the craft forums, blogs, magazines and facebook pages of such lovely crochet projects I felt it was time to overcome my fear of trying to read patterns and get my head around visualising in 3d!

So out came my hooks and yarns and the lovely craft magazine ‘Let’s Get Crafting: Knitting and Crochet’. They’ve been running a series on granny squares in the magazine and there is also a lovely set of stitch instructions at the end of each issue. I find reading stitch instructions quite difficult, even with pictures, but I kept trying until I had something that looked like the pictures.

Granny square practice

I don’t think I got all the stitches quite right when following the patterns as I have two squares that are much larger than the others!! Even so, I was confident to have a try at the squares with a smaller hook and thinner yarn.








As I have been working on making a blanket using the basic treble crochet granny square principle, I needed something more interesting to finish it off. I wanted to add some smaller squares to the ends of the blanket, and worked three each of two designs to fit at the ends. Once I had the six additional squares completed I decided that the simplest way for me to connect them together was to sew them.

Crochet blanket

I’m quite pleased with my finished piece. My first significant crochet project.

Happy crafting