Dressing Up

This week I’ve been working on what on earth to do for my 5 year old daughter, as she will be having a dress up day at school.  This isn’t usually too bad as we have a small stock of dressing up outfits – princess, cowgirl, pirate, ladybird, fairy wings etc.  However, they are making the day themed to tie-in with what they’ve been studying this term.  So I’ve been landed with space, planets and aliens!!

I was trying to think about how I could make an alien costume without having to resort to buying an expensive costume.  Deely boppers were my initial thoughts with green leggings and top.  Alas we have none of these items.  So after a minor panic led breakdown, my lovely husband said why not make her a space rocket!  WHAT????  I did calm down and managed to start thinking straight after a while.  Actually that’s not too bad an idea.  She’s only 5, so she would fit in a pillowcase, I could draw and stick on some embellishments and make a cone shape from card for a hat.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a spare white pillowcase, so I had a buy a cheap one, and it cost £1. Definitely cheaper than a full new outfit. My daughter loved trying on the pillowcase, while I measured her for a neck hole and arms. Then it was a simple case of cutting along the seams for the required gaps, and I tacked small hems by hand.

Space Rocket front panel

Then came the fun bit, drawing on metal panels, rivets and embellishments. I drew two circles onto card and covered with tin foil to make the windows. Out came some pro-markers for planet, flag, panel edges and rivets. I adorned front and back and gave her a mission flight number of ‘ALICE 5’.


I’ve added a pair of stripy shorts over some white and orange patterned leggings for the boosters and flames. She loves it!


Now I just have to make a ‘nose cone’ for her hat and we will be decorating that together. Roll on Wednesday and out will come a little face paint. I think a little Saturn on her cheek will finish the look quite nicely. What do you reckon?

Happy crafting