There’s no end of reading material out there for crafters.  I’ve always got something on the go, but I also like to balance my craft reading with something escapist. 

Currently I have John Taylor’s autobiography “In the Pleasure Groove: Love, Death, and Duran Duran” on the go.  (This says a lot about my youth – I’m an 80’s girl still and loved Duran Duran).  This is a great change from my other reading material of the moment “How to grow your handmade business” by Kari Chapin.  I’m finding this one quite hard going and it’s not helped for me as it’s American, but the principles are the same wherever you are.

I’ve read quite a few of the books, magazines and booklets available and find they all have plenty of advice and examples to help with ideas and problems,  They are great reading for the daily work commute (when you remember to put them in your bag!)

My favourite reading of the moment has to be Craftseller magazine.  It’s a great mix of advice on how to sell your work, inspirational pieces by other sellers and there are some fabulous crafting ideas to make and sell.  It covers all sorts of handmade crafts from knitting and sewing to soap making and screen printing.  And they have some great gifts every month too.  I didn’t get my much wanted subscription for Christmas, so I’ve just treated myself instead!  I can’t wait for my first subscribed issue to arrive in a couple of weeks time.

If you have a free moment, check out some of the crafting titles out there, you never know what inspiration you may find!

Happy reading