Easter Holidays part 2

Well the Easter holidays have not quite been the fun packed couple of weeks we hoped for.  We have had a pretty traumatic month all in all.  Having just got through my beloved little cat Stella passing in March, and then being rushed to hospital for a week, we have again been left distraught as we have now lost our other gorgeous cat, Guinness.  It has been a tough couple of weeks and it has left us all rather empty and finding it difficult to do things around the house.


Having said that we have tried to do some things over the break, many of which have involved being out of the house.  It’s just been too empty.

Crafting hasn’t been at the top of our list, however, I have encouraged my daughter to make a little diary for her homework.  I think she’s done an amazing job.  Her marking of Guinness’s passing is lovely.


I’m feeling a bit lost at the moment and hoping to get my mojo back soon.

Happy crafting