Like many families, I have a run of birthdays in certain times of the year. We have loads in January and February and then again in August and September. So the last few weeks I’ve been trying to fit in making some cards for my own use! It’s not always easy finding the time to make cards for us to use as a family, particularly in the Summer holidays. Every time I get some things out to use, my daughter wants to use all the same stuff! Typical I suppose, it doesn’t matter if I gave her some things for her to use, she just wants to do the same as me. It’s starting to get very expensive!!

Anyway, I have a few male birthdays in the family around this time of year and they all have their hobbies. Not all of them are easy to find relevant toppers for either. My brother turned 40 this year and he loves football, so I dug out some footballing paper. He wasn’t too keen on the idea of being 40, but I wasn’t going to let him get away with it. So I made this explosion card using lots of different papers and then cut out the numbers and added them on small paper springs, so that they popped out. I like the effect, not to sure he was as thrilled with it!! Ha ha.

Exploding 40th Birthday Card

Next was a friend that I used to work with, he’s fairly recently bought a small boat and likes to spend his weekends, messing about on it. Finding boats to add to cards is reasonably straightforward. I hope he liked it!

Sailing Birthday Card

Next week is my hubby’s birthday, but he’s off to the USA on a work trip. So this year , for one year only, he’s having his birthday early this weekend. He is a major cycle fiend and loves both watching track and road cycling, and road cycling himself. He’s been taking part in the Global Corporate Challenge this Summer and has been out on his bake even more than usual. Trying to find good quality road bike toppers and papers is really difficult. I found a small set a few years ago and that has come out again for his birthday card. This one was chosen by my daughter.

Cyclist Birthday Card

I hope they all liked their cards, as I had some fun making them. It’s good to have some card making time again. I have lots more ideas for some cards that I hope to be able to fit in over the holidays!

Happy birthday crafting