The other day I had a request for a card with a dinosaur theme! With a daughter that loves dinosaurs I thought this would be relatively easy to find something with dinosaurs on. Surely there would be baking papers and some pictures of dinosaurs somewhere in the house.

Alas I was wrong. I couldn’t find anything, so it was time to get the pens out and start drawing. I decided as the card was for a little girl starting school, that I would go with a cuter style dinosaur. My daughter certainly approved of the diplodocus. I thought instead of colouring the picture by hand, I would paper-piece the scene together. It was great to practice my cutting skills, although very time consuming.

It’s not quite finished as I’m either going to add a speech bubble with a personalised good luck message from the diplodocus, or a stegosaurus with a personalised leaf.

I’d love some feedback on this one, what do you think of the idea?

Dinosaur Card

Happy crafting