This weekend I’ve been having a go at some origami.  I fancied doing something different after spending all my time crocheting!  It’s a craft I used to love when I was a little girl but other than a brief go a few years ago making little origami Santa’s for some Christmas cards, I haven’t done any since.

I thought it would be a good idea to find something for some men’s cards.  I always find it difficult to make cards for the men in my life.  I have a pad of football shirt papers and decided to have a go at making some of them.  This I have to say I have found incredibly difficult.  They don’t seem to work properly without a collar on, but the papers don’t lend themselves to having a collar!  And you tube didn’t help either! Very annoying.  Anyway I managed to make a few.


These are most definitely works-in-progress. However, I have also been making some shirts with collars, which work much better. I’ve loved looking through all my A5 papers for different patterns. It was fun to do with my daughter too as she was quite wacky in her choice of patterns. ( I shall leave you to decide which ones she chose) Now I just have to add some embellishments. I’m thinking bling for buttons, co-ordinating paper ties and maybe a pocket or two!


I’m going to try and master a handbag or something else girly next!

Happy crafting